Why is my Transparent GIF Image Background Not Working Correctly in WordPress?

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WordPress Transparent Image Backgrounds Use PNG Image In place of  Transparent GIF

Why is my transparent GIF image background not working correctly in WordPress?  I am having trouble making a new GIF image background transparent in WordPress.  It seems every time I create an image in Photoshop and then remove the background to create and transparent GIF to blend with the rest of the on-site artwork the whole image gets all messed and doesn’t render correctly.  I have never had this problem before when developing images for websites.  Now for some reason ever time I create a transparent give, the background is a mess.


Upon further research on this matter I found that there is some sort of restriction or conflict with many WordPress CSS pages.  This WordPress CSS conflict causes Transparent GIF Images to appear to have a background or ignores the transparent GIF.  So when developing a new image in Photoshop make sure to save any images that you want to have a transparent background as a PNG file.  Saving your image file in PNG format will keep keep the integrate of the image and allow for it to render on site/blog with a transparent background the way you originally desired.  I have found great success saving transparent backgrounds in the PNG-24 format.  Try it and let me know how it works for you.



Let’s just say that PNG is the new GIF these days 😉  Hope this helped.

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