What is a Title Tag? How Does It Influence Search Engine Ranking?

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Though in recent years is has been alluded to by various search engine professionals and speculators that meta tags hold little to no value anymore influencing the ranking or placements of webpages in search engines, for our purposes here we will still discuss them if not for anything less then understanding the history of SEO.

Below you will find a list of tags used to communicate with search engine robots/spider (see above logo:)  These tags are found in the <HEAD></HEAD> of the HTML source code.

Meta Tags That Influence Search Engine Ranking

TITLE TAG:  The Title Tag is still a very important, if not the most important on-page tag with-in the Head Tag and on the page as a whole.  This tag tells the search engines in a sentence or less what that page is about.  For example the Title Tag for this page looks like this: <Title>Meta Tags That Influence Search Engine Ranking</Title>.  The <Title> indicates the beginning of the tag and the </Title> indicates the end of the Title Tag.  The content “Meta Tags That Influence Search Engine Ranking” is one sentence or less and it tells human being and search engines what the page they are about to view contains.  Think of the Title as a one sentence or less summary of the page.   To better understand how human beings see this tag look at the screen capture below of Google search results.



So the link you click on in the Google search results is actually/generally (more details on this in later posts) the content/text that is one sentence or less that you include in your <HEAD> tag.  So the Titles for these four examples above would look like this:


Listing #1:  <Title>Title Tag – Learn SEO – Moz</Title>
Listing #2: <Title>How to Write Title Tags For Search Engine Optimization – Search</Title>
Listing #3: <Title>All about the Title Tag for Search Engine Optimization – High Rankings</Title>
Listing #4: <Title>WordPress › SEO Title Tag « WordPress Plugins</Title>

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