SPRINGFIELD, Mass., Aug. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Millionaire In The Making Project is announcing its first pre-launch project. We want to capture 100 untold stories of entrepreneurs and upcoming artists on camera!

Millionaire In The Making Project has created an innovative avenue for entrepreneurs and upcoming artists. With this pre-launch kickstarter campaign we hope to create a buzz around its overall concept: creative people connecting through their own personal stories and updates of their dreams “IN THE MAKING”.

We are raising funds to travel throughout the cities of Boston-NYC filming raw footage of creative people who are looking for exposure. There are entrepreneurs and artists all over the world that have something “IN THE MAKING” and we not only want to capture their story but showcase it for the world to see!

Well known entrepreneurs and artists were once everyday people with a dream “IN THE MAKING”. Becoming an audience for these individuals by placing their stories on a platform will give them a chance to find opportunity in other ways they didn’t see possible.

We want to get as many people as we can to get involved in this project from supporters of crowdfunding campaigns and unique start-ups to bloggers with subscribers who are entrepreneurs or artists looking for creative online promotional/marketing tools.

The kickstarter campaign has set a goal of $6000 to travel to each place of business or desired location along with a wide range of incentives based on the amount of pledges made. Our timeframe to raise funds for this campaign will take place over a period of 21 days due to the fact that we will be spending the month of September to film and interview our entrepreneurs and artists. We are determined to develop a community of innovative and creative people who are looking to network with their peers through their own personal stories and updates of their dreams “in the making” and with your involvement we believe this campaign will become a success! Please support us as we strive to promote others and become a part of MILLIONAIRE IN THE MAKING PROJECT!

For more information on the kickstarter campaign please visit www.kickstarter.com.

MILLIONAIRE IN THE MAKING PROJECT launches October 2014: prototype (www.millioninmaking.com)