How Can I Tell if The Email I received is Spam?

Here are some of the Keys To Understanding & Identifying SEO & Email Spam:

  1. Is there a first and last name?
  2. Is there a phone number?
  3. Is there a return email address clearly labeled?
  4. Is there a job title listed?
  5. Is there a company name?
  6. Is there a clean link to their website?
  7. Does their email address look real or spammy?  In other words, is their email address or  Or is it
  8. Also plenty of legitimate people have Gmail email accounts, Yahoo email accounts, Hotmail email accounts, AOL, Live, and other mass email accounts.  But pay attention to that email name they send you because plenty of people create spam email accounts just for bad reasons and to use for fraud and spam.  If is seems weird, it probably is.

These are some basic questions to consider when trying to understand and identify spam email and SEO emails.  In general, all this should match up and make sense.  But there will be exceptions.  So pay attention.