Step Aside WebEx and GoToMeeting, Join.Me Makes Your Life Easier, Free, and Faster.

A Better Online Meeting and Screen Sharing Experience

I should be getting paid for this article.  But every now and then a product just blows my mind or just makes my life so much better that I wish I had created it and kick myself in the butt for not creating it.  Well perhaps everyone already knows this, but for those that don’t Join.Me is making life so much easier for those that find themselves doing frequent online meetings and sharing desktops.  I mean, every time I had a meeting and someone told me it was with GoToMeeting or WebEx, I actually tried to find a way to avoid it because I knew if I didn’t have a problem with their software, someone else in the meeting would.  And I mean almost 100% of the time.  It was an actual nightmare!  Then one day I had a scheduled meeting and they told me that they wanted me to join their online meeting and share their desktop with me.  I was like, oh no here we go again.  Then they said, “just go to (Meeting Number) and you will see what I am seeing.  I was like, “No Way”!  You mean I don’t have to mess around with all that crap and neither do my associates on the phone.  We just simply go to this link and that is it?  Yep!  That was it!  And that is why I love Join.Me  Here are some of the features they offer for free: combines instant screen sharing and powerful meeting tools in an app that anyone can use to present, train, demo or concept. is designed to be intuitive and accessible, providing features that you’ll use every day for everything from show-and-tell to formal presentations. free

Up to 10 meeting participants
Screen sharing
Internet calling
Share control
Send files
Viewer: iPad/iPhone or Android

I mean this is an exceptional product.  But like I started off saying, “I should be getting paid for this”, but I’m not!  Check it out, if you have had to deal with these meeting software nightmares like me, you will truly appreciate this new FREE online tool.  Click >> Join.Me