IAB Petition Mozilla Firefox Messing Things Up Again

Well it looks like Mozilla Firefox is at it again.  You may remember when they updated their browser and traditional pop-unders became pop-overs/pop-ups.  Well now the makers of the famous browser Firefox, Mozilla announced intentions to block all third-party cookies by default in their upcoming releases of its new Firefox browser kind of like how they tampered with the pop-under settings but worse.  Now onnly first-party cookies will be allowed.  This can have a major impact on 3rd party remnant inventory revenue for companies that monetize their sites through ad networks and ad agencies. 

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has written an Open Letter to Mozilla http://www.iab.net/ that you can join to express your concerns.  I would like everyone to sign up for this because this can have a major impact on the monetization of websites now and in the future.  The problem with not allowing 3rd party cookies is it will limit unique ad impressions and many targeting and retargeting criteria.  Generally, the better the targeting the better revenue generated from the impression.  Therefore, with the new version of FF ad networks and ad agencies will be limited in the amount of data they can collect, which will drive the online advertising prices down.

Here is the link to sign the petition and let Mozilla know what we think:  http://www.iab.net/

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