I Love Email Spam That Makes Your An Life Easy No Brainer 有全国


In the world of email spam, well there is no such thing as good spam.  But if I had to classify some spam as good, it would be stuff like this:  有全国各类 发,票 代,开 点数低、价格优惠,验后付款  电话 in Chinese.

You may ask why is this good email spam?  Well simply, am not Chinese, I don’t read, write, or speak Chinese.  I also don’t do any business with anyone in the Chinese Language.  So when I see this Chinese writing come through I know it is simply spam and I waste 0.01 seconds hitting the delete key 🙂

By the way, the Chinese writing above means, “There are the various types of hair, ticket generation open points lower, price, payment posterior Phone” in English according to Google Translate located here http://translate.google.com

I’m not sure why anyone would even spend one minute of their time sending me such a waste.  How can this possibly benefit anyone?

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