For over one year I have been trying to find a way to get our quality industry news site listed in Yahoo & Bing News.  I have read forums, spoke with reputable SEOs, researched Yahoo, researched Bing, sent emails to supposed “Bing Inclusion” email addresses, submitted to multiple online forms, and more.  Not for the life of me can I get a solid answer as to how to get indexed in Yahoo & Bing News search results.  Google was very straight forward and much easier to communicate with.

First I would like to present the current guidelines and ways to submit to Google, Yahoo, and Bing News.  Bing, Yahoo and Google are all manually reviewed.  Google is straight forward and if you qualify, you will get in.  Yahoo has a submission form, but getting in is a different story.  Bing offers nothing but a potentially expired link and good luck getting in.

For the sake of this article I am referring to Yahoo/Bing as separate websites/companies. I realize they have merged and share much of their technology however when it comes to their news they seem to be separate.


Google News:

Google News Submission Guidelines:

Submit to Google News here>>


Yahoo News:

Yahoo News Submission Guidelines:



Submit to Yahoo News here>>



Bing News:

Bing News Submission Guidelines:  No Idea or at least no set rules listed on their site because there is no place on their site to submit.

From Microsoft/Bing Forums:


Submit to Bing News here>>  REALLY?

All that is out there and available is a link from 2009 that was submitted to a forum from an X Microsoft employee.  Really?

I submitted to this link at least 6 or 7 times and nothing… Crickets!  I never heard another thing.  I don’t even know if the email was successfully delivered.  So don’t put a lot of stock in the email submission address.

Bing Does offer a comment and suggestion page for their news, but no formal way to submit. Bing Suggestions>>


It has also been suggested that if you publish press releases Yahoo, Bing, and Google News will pick them up.  This is true to an extent, but when you are publishing 50 – 100+ news articles per day, you can’t afford to publish them as press releases just to get into the news search results.


So Google News is a straight forward, smooth process and works well as long as you have a unique site that is a NEWS site and NOT a blog.  Simply follow the yellow brick road.  Google News Submission Guidelines


After performing extensive research on Yahoo and Bing News listing inclusions I found a lot of really good clues, facts, and leads and I have come this conclusion.

You will NOT get in until you are much bigger or somehow in “their” eyes considered a major news authority.

I have formed this conclusion based on:

1. Analyzing SEO forums and speaking with many top SEO Firms and experts.  ALL have basically said they know nothing about how to get in or at least couldn’t supply me with a proven method.

2. Analyzing the Bing and Yahoo News results.

a.       I found sites with a lot of traffic and good PRs and I found sites with little traffic and not so good PRs.  Then upon further research I noticed that even though these sites didn’t have a lot of traffic they were part of a much bigger news conglomerate.

3.  So you must be considered a major news source/authority in Bing and Yahoo to be included in their new results.  Below is a basic News search for the term “action figures”.  Notice that the “News” results you see are from major news sources.

See in this example AOL, MTV, Examiner, Yahoo (LOL), Minneapolis Star Tribune, Kansas City Infozine, Consumer Reports, and so on….

Here is the same search in Yahoo News:

Again, you find AOL, The Charlotte Observer, Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune, Yahoo! News, ABC News, Etc…




This is my hypothesis of the formula Bing News and Yahoo News use to decide whether to include your content or not in their News search results.  You must have at least one of these five to qualify.

a.       Do you have a physical Newspaper and Website?  Example: The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

b.      Are you a news source affiliated with a larger “News Conglomerate”?  Example:  The Star Press  has an Alexa rank of 183,000, but they are owned by GANNETT.

c.       Do you have a physical news related magazine and a website?,,, Etc…

d.      Is your online news presence powerful enough to demand national attention on its own, such as Huffington Post?

e.      You get lucky 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this article and it was informative.  I welcome your comments, but please be gentle, this is my first post 😉

 Originally Created on 1/27/2012