How Do I Export My Bookmarks in the Mozilla Firefox Browser?

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How do I Export My Bookmarks in the Mozilla Firefox Browser?

  1. Open the Mozilla Firefox Browser.
  2. Find where the “Bookmarks” Button/Tab/Link is located on the Firefox Browser.
  3. Click on the “Bookmarks” Button/Tab/Link.
  4. Click on the Bookmarks menu and choose “Show All Bookmarks”.

    *Note:  If you don’t see it, you might have to actually scroll up.  Look for a for a tiny little arrow on the drop down menu and point and click on it to scroll up.

  5. When you click on “Show All Bookmarks” a “Library” window will open.
  6. Make sure the “All Bookmarks” is highlighted or selected.
  7. Then click on the button labeled “Import and Backup”.
  8. This drop-down menu will provide multiple options of to which Import and Export are listed.  More specifically they are labeled “Import Bookmarks from HTML” or “Export Bookmarks to HTML”.
  9. Choose “Export Bookmarks to HTML”.
  10. After you have chosen tot export them to HTML then chose where you would like to save the exported document containing your Firefox bookmarks and push the “Save” button.
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