GoogleAdsense10yrsIt is great to see Google Adsense has made it to the 10 year mark.  What is even better is when you log into your Adsense account in the bottom left corner of the screen is a nice big 10 with a party hat on.  When you roll your mouse over the ten and allow it to stay there for a few seconds, up pops and overlay screen with the classic Pong video game that many of us had the privileged of enjoying in our early years.  I remember the day Pong came out and even though there are so many countless numbers of better made and elaborate games, it was still nice to enjoy playing a few rounds for old time sake.

It is hard to believe they have been serving up Adsense for 10 years.  I remember when Adsense first came out.  I had been working with monetizing sponsored search and keywords.  Then Adsense introduces a new monetization tool that helps you monetize sponsored search with a built in intelligence factor.  It really made the whole process so much easier and helped you tom maximize PPC ads and general site monetization.

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Google’s 10th Anniversary Pong


For those of you that don’t know what Google Adsense is, Google Adsense are text and image ads that when served on your website you earn revenue.  So ads are paid just when viewed (CPM)* and some you get paid on click (PPC)*.  The primary driving force and truly unique feature of Adsense that makes it work so well is the ability to read the content on the page that their ad unit is on.  Once it reads the page, it is able to serve the most relevant text related ads and image related ads thus increase your click-through rate and quality of traffic served to the advertiser.  This allows them to demand a higher premium per click which allows you to make more money.  So that was kind of the speed readers tour.  We will have more articles in the site or you can always contact us for more details and assistance.  Thanks 🙂


* For more on monetizing websites check out our Monetization section.