Firefox Updates Missing Status Bar Solution! Problem Solved! Status-4-Evar

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The Missing Status Bar or Deactivated in Latest Mozilla Firefox Update Has Been Solved!

Status-4-Evar is a Firefox Add-on that restores the good old status bar

Here you go:

I am happy, happy, happy!  Status-4-Evar has restored the missing status bar that Firefox so kindly removed for me and restored my status bar with all the SEO and web development plug-ins and add-ins I use on a daily basis.  In fact, Status-4-Evar is like a supercharged status bar and now makes me like my status bar more then ever.

About Status-4-Evar

by Sparky Bluefang

A status bar widgets and progress indicators for Firefox 4+.  In Firefox 4, the status bar was replaced with the “Add-on Bar”, an empty, but customizable, toolbar. While some of the status bar items did find new homes, you may not have liked where they ended up.

In Firefox 29, the Add-on Bar was removed.

Status-4-Evar aims to bring back the Status Bar / Add-on Bar with the familiar classic status bar items, give you more control over the built-in Firefox features, and provide new alternatives.

The extension provides “Status Text“, “Progress Meter“, “Download Status“, and “Legacy Status Bar” (Firefox 29+) items.

Get Status-4-Evar Here >>

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