Big Mistake for the Big Bang Theory’s New Time on CBS Football TV Commercial

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Analysis and Breakdown of the Mistake Made on the Football Commercial for TV

Major Oversight, Mistake, Error on the Big Bang Theory’s New Time during the CBS Football Commercial

Commercial Analysis and Breakdown

I don’t now what they were thinking, but the commercial designer and producer for the new Big Bang Theory Show time made a Big Bang Mistake!

During a commercial break between the New York Jets vs the Green Bay Packers game on Sunday, there was a CBS TV commercial that said, and I quote:

The Big Bang Theory on CBS.  With Football being on Thursday Night we have decided to move to a new night.  The Big Bang Theory Now on Monday Nights.


For those of you that don’t know this, NFL Monday Night Football is a long standing tradition that has been going on for 45 years.  I would imagine the people who decided to write the copy for this commercial didn’t pay attention or know a whole lot about NFL Football or they wouldn’t have made the commercial sound as if they were trying to be on a night that didn’t have football.  When in fact it is and has been the most popular night for football for 45 years.



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